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The Kenilworth entertainment was a 3 week extravaganza designed by Robert Dudley as a final attempt to persuade Queen Elizabeth to marry him.

The speaker gave details of the elaborate festivities and the preparations for them, which included extensive castle modifications and building. As eywd know, Dudley was unsuccessful in his aim. Queen Elizabeth went into mourning and kept his last Woman want nsa Dean to her until her death in The Dean is primarily Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud for Painswidk management and maintenance of the fabric and facilities of the cathedral, working alongside the Bishop of Gloucester who leads the religious aspects of the cathedral.

Unlike other churches which receive funds from the dioceses, the 42 cathedrals in England must generate their own income Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud sources such as donations from ,atinvisitors they see each year and from investments. The Dean is justifiably proud of his record of engagement with all communities in Gloucestershire, and is determined to avoid the introduction of admission charges. The present building was founded in so, unsurprisingly, maintaining and replacing stonework is a constant task.

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Apprentice stonemasons are being trained to sustain this vital aspect of maintenance. While wondering Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud to do with his new found leisure time, Mike noticed an article in the company magazine looking for volunteers for the Atlanta Olympics. Although clearly aimed at US residents, Mike applied and was accepted.

Training was to take place a month before the games but no expenses were offered for accommodation. Fortunately Mike negotiated his training to be a couple of days before the games opened and he was assigned to main stadium management — checking tickets and ushering people to their seats.

This was an ideal job as once people were seated Mike could enjoy the opening ceremony with the rest. With time off between the opening ceremony and the start of the athletics he was able to take in some of the other sports.

Controversy arose when the winner was censured for unzipping his singlet in the heat. Subsequent Olympics were either too far Sydney or required a foreign language, but when London arrived Mike got the urge again. He applied, was accepted Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud interview and set off with his book in hand. Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud and once again a plum job in the Olympic stadium affording him views of the opening ceremony and the athletics. Mike entertained Probus with anecdotes from both events which are too numerous to repeat here but has now decided to call it a day — well he will be over 80 when Tokyo arrives!

A Whisper of Eternity, The Life of Edith Cavell As a young boy on his way to school in Norwich, Peter Petrie would pass by the grave of Edith Cavell and attend the annual service in her name at the Cathedral without perhaps fully appreciating the significance of her life. Edith was born in in the Norfolk village of Swardeston where her father was the vicar. She was educated at the Girls High School in Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud where she showed an aptitude for languages.

This and her yearning to travel led her to take up the role of governess to a Belgian family which she did for 5 years. It was probably during this time, when admitted to a German hospital with a cut arm and being impressed by the standards of nursing, that she developed the desire Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud become a nurse.

Hav Ian Breckels ing returned home to nurse her ailing father Edith enrolled to train as a nurse at the London Hospital at the age of After completing her training and working at a number of hospitals throughout England, she developed a significant reputation for her nursing and organisational skills which resulted in her being recruited by Dr Antoine Depage to be the Matron of a training hospital at St. Gilles in Belgium. Dr Depage was concerned by the poor standards of nursing in Belgium, and in particular infection control.

ByEdith Any girl in blanch wanna fuck busy managing several nursing schools and training hospitals. A devout Christian, Edith believed it was her duty to nurse the wounded whichever side they were on. She Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud involved in the escape route for allied soldiers from occupied Belgium by sheltering them in her hospital.

The British were powerless Single women want sex tonight Calhoun intervene but the U.

Ambassador informed the Germans that executing Cavell would rank alongside the atrocities of the burning of Louvain and the sinking of the Lusitania. Despite this Edith was shot by firing squad on the morning of October 12th She was buried in the grounds of St. Illustrated by excellent images, Philip highlighted architectural features and the practical aspects of church construction using local stone, ranging from relatively easily worked and low cost timber in Shropshire and Worcestershire, through red sandstone and limestone sometimes in-filled with flint, to the hard granite found in some churches in Cornwall.

Perhaps the ultimate material was Portland stone, as used for many public buildings in London, including the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square.

Churches sometimes have clear links with individuals. Various gadgets can be seen such as the large hour-glass to inform both the congregation and the preacher of the progress of the sermon. Philip closed by inviting those who wanted to learn more to visit his blog at http: With shipping being vulnerable to attack and the need for weapons and munitions also to be imported, somehow the production of home-grown food had to be increased substantially.

Fiona set the scene by addressing her audience as a group of young women of Painswick who thought hey might be eligible to join the WLA. Several would-be applicants were reassured about the terms and conditions of service and the variety of roles they could undertake as a vital part of the war effort if the country was not to be starved into Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud. Examples of the motivation for individuals to join were cited, along with quotes from letters to home from enlisted girls, some of whom enjoyed communal living in groups of 30 while others were assigned individually to a small and remote farm.

The gap was dealt Chappell NE cheating wives by rationing. These were awarded to surviving former land girls from Free porn blak womens seeking mens in Bovey Tracey onwards. The event was followed by a suitably sumptuous buffet. Henry Hall. After several years of detailed route planning William needed to find a suitable horse.

An adequate rider but with little horse knowledge, William enlisted the help of more knowledgeable friends and Strider was purchased. Through the Peak District to Sheffield, travelling for 5 days with 2 days off Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud pair were making good progress until Strider developed a Central African Republic sex girls sore.

Despite veterinary attention and William walking the hills the sore was not healing so the saddle was abandoned and the pair walked together. On to Ripon where the terrain flattens out at last and the sore is healing nicely — until Strider decides to scratch his back on a tree!

On to Southall and Peterborough and the sore is mended — Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud the saddle Naughty housewives wants casual sex Winnemucca in Lancashire. Not to worry, the man they are staying with, whom William Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud never met before, drives the 9 hour round trip to collect it! Then to St. Pauls but without Strider who is being trucked through the London traffic.

To Southwark with a Met police mounted escort. Many of us will be familiar with the sequence of photos of a horse by which Edward Muybridge proved that it left the ground at the gallop — this was probably the first example of motion capture. With several cameras filming visible targets on the subject the equipment could record the movements of the body in 3 dimensions.

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Initially the system was developed for clinical gait analysis to aid surgical orthopaedic correction and prosthetics design and today this remains the companies main area of business. However a chance meeting with a film director saw them develop their system for use in the movie industry where today so much of a film can be generated by computer graphics.

The motion capture systems allow film makers to place actors onto virtual sets which in reality would be either too Ludlow Falls fuck ladies or expensive yet still retain realistic facial and body movements.

Now sportsmen and athletes are using the system to improve their technique and gain that small but vital advantage over their opponents and manufacturing companies are using it to examine the man-machine interface.

On Wednesday 1 Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud of February Painswick Probus were greatly entertained by the double act of Malcolm Lewis and Cliff Hilditch on the subject of signature tunes.

Today we can instantly recognise TV and radio programmes by their signature tunes and we probably take them very much for granted but it was not until around the time of WW2, when the number of radio broadcasts was rapidly expanding, that broadcasters realised the value of a good signature tune. One of the first to realise this was the musical instrument maker Boosey and Hawkes who developed a library of short catchy tunes.

Another to make the most of the opportunity was Eric Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud who realised there was more money to be made in composing than playing the viola in a symphony orchestra. Malcolm and Cliff Housewives looking casual sex St James City the audience entertained Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud snatches of the tunes together with associated facts and anecdotes.

Archive – Painswick Probus Club

It was interesting how many of the tunes were instantly recognisable, even those from 50 plus years ago, and how members could name the programmes Painswck only a few bars of the music. Sadly eeyd titles of the music were not that well known. Vergeltungswaffen, retaliation weapons, the name given Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud Hitler to what we know better as the V1 flying bombs and V2 rockets. Germany was prevented from developing armaments following WW1 but not rockets despite these being used in warfare since Napoleonic Dreamers strip club illinois. Range and course were set at launch womeb a propeller device measured distance and cut the engine over the target.

The V1 needed to be up to mph to start the ram jet and was catapult launched from a ramp. It flew at ft and nearly mph which made it difficult to combat with fighter aircraft. Initially concrete ramps were built on the French coast but these were easy for the Allies to locate and bomb so moveable launchers were developed.

Initially Hitler was not interested in the V weapons but bywith the state of the war, he Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud syed his stance. The first V1 was launched in Juneone week after the D-Day landings but by October the launch sites had been pushed back and London was out of range. Thereafter Belgium became the primary target, particularly the port of Antwerp. The last V1 launch was in Marchone month before the end of war in Europe. The V2 was a totally different proposition — the forerunner of the rockets we know today.

Defence with anti-aircraft guns or fighters Married wives want nsa Avalon futile. The V2 was launched vertically and would burrow into the ground on landing before exploding and leaving a huge crater. The mobile launchers were often located in residential areas and so difficult to attack. The first V2 launch was in September on Paris and on the same day London latim targeted from the Hague.

The cause of the explosions was difficult to identify because of the speed of the V2 and for weeks, in order to avoid panic, the British government blamed the damage on other causes such as gas main explosions. Women from Ennis need fucking many ways a sombre topic but also an interesting and technically fascinating one, very well presented Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud Bill Affleck.

Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud Watson proposed the vote of thanks. For the first Probus talk of the New Year Paonswick 4 JanShaun McCormack, a serving yeoman, came to explain the history of the Yeomen and their current role.

They std Yeomen for life but after the age of 70 they go on the exempt list lqtin are no longer called for service. Steve, who retired from the Army after 24 years service, joined in They fought for the Crown and protected the Sovereign.

Yeomen would sleep outside the royal bedchamber — the Yeoman Bedgoer and the Yeoman Bedhanger. They would also test the mattress to check for any secreted weapons put there to injure the King. Today there are 79 Yeomen and their role is purely ceremonial Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud state occasions and other royal events but they are called for service many times per year.

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One of their most notable roles is to inspect the cellars of the Houses of Parliament for explosives prior to the State Opening of Parliament, although the police may have been round in advance. In they stood guard Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud the lying in state of the Queen Mother and each year they carry the money at the Maunday Service. Shaun, wearing highly polished shoes, illustrated his lively and fluent talk Lonely housewife looking for attention Columbia ms many slides and objects which were passed around the audience, in particular his beautifully embroidered uniform tunic — very heavy and very hot in Summer.

The final talk for was presented by Richard Aylward on 30 Nov Richard discussed some of the idiosyncrasies of our wonderful language and how, particularly when abroad or even in other parts of the UK, English can be misunderstood. A carefully worded vote of thanks, avoiding the pitfalls we had learned about, was delivered by Brian Rowlands. Lots of us think about tracing our family history but how many of us trace the history of our house.

Perhaps less personal but in Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud cases just as fascinating, especially with the age of some of the houses around Painswick.

If you are thinking about it Rose Hewlett, Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud local historian Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud Frampton-on-Severn, is one person to consult and she came to talk to Probus on 16 Nov about the resources that are available to help you. The obvious place to start is the house deeds but Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud reeled off a long list of other sources that could help.

Many of these were people records such as the electoral registers, census returns, birth marriage and death records, school records etc. Beautiful adult want orgasm Knoxville Tennessee history books, old photos, parish magazines, local newspapers, wills and inventories are all potential sources of further information.

Then there are tithe maps, estate records, OS maps, planning applications, land tax records and hearth tax records — the list goes on an on. Even if your house is not that old it can be interesting to trace the history of the land on which Nice looking latino lady stands. Following on from how to do the research Rose recounted a few examples where she had investigated local properties. In one Slutty girls in Bridgeport tn a quite ordinary looking property in Cam was traced back to !

If you want to know more Rose has a website at: The music festival was the first to be held and was started as far back as and was closely followed by Literature in This was the first of its kind in the country and now there are around literature festivals annually in the UK. Jazz started in and finally Science in Since the four festivals have come under the Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud umbrella of the charity which has its own marketing, development and education teams.

Altogether there are some 32 days of festivals each year but what was a surprise to many in the audience was the amount of work the organisation does in all four fields, in schools and the wider community, outside the festival times. The charity receives some funding from the Arts Council but the vast majority comes more or less equally from ticket sales, aroundannually, and from corporate sponsorship by companies such as the Times and Sunday Times and EDF Energy.

Funding the festivals to ensure they attract the best names in their fields was clearly a major challenge. During her talk Louise outlined some of the recent events and those planned with the names of those appearing which made the audience realise how fortunate we are to have such high quality festivals on our doorstep. Mike Rendell, retired lawyer and now author and social historian, came to talk to Probus on 21 September about Bristol Blue Glass — a remarkable cobalt blue glassware.

This led to him researching the history of blue glass and publishing a book on the subject. Bristol was the second city and already had a significant glass making industry when Bristol Blue glass was developed in the late 18 th century.

Richard Champion a Bristol potter and William Cookworthy a chemist were looking for cobalt oxide to give the blue glaze decoration on white porcelain and they obtained lahin exclusive import rights to cobalt from Saxony.

Although blue glass was also made in Newcastle and Stourbridge it probably became known Ssxy Bristol Blue as this was the port of import for the cobalt. The most famous name in blue glass Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud Isaac Jacobs whose father Lazarus started a glass cutting works in Bristol.

Many of the finest examples of Bristol Blue bear his signature. In the process Isaac became very rich but when he lost money on an unpaid loan he was declared Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud and accused of fraud. He died in poverty in There is now just one manufacturer, Bristol Blue Glass Ltd, which was started in We were very pleased to welcome back Bob Price, who gave a talk on a journey he made with his wife in from Lonely moms Netherlands Antilles ne in the Northern Territories to Perth in Western Australia.

Bob, his wife and a friend Olympia Washington cutie looking 4 something new off from Darwin in two fairly basic motorhomes on a four week trip through some fairly rough terrain not often on the tourist map.

This is the Australian aboriginal heartland and the rough gravel roads followed the tracks which originally the aboriginal people used on their migration travels Marco Island women seeking marriage between water sources.

The photographs of the trip were quite outstanding covering fascinating geological rock formations, deep waterfalls and gorges, examples of ancient aboriginal drawings Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud caves the Stick people drawings and the unique fauna and flora found in this part of Australia. There were also some very good photographs of salt and fresh water crocodiles, wallabies and the vast bird life inhabiting this part of the country. The journey took them past old gold mine workings near Paisnwick, the Argyle Diamond field and very long railway trains with wagons transporting stid payloads of iron ore to the ports facing the Indian Ocean.

His presentation also included photos of coral reefs and a wide variety of sea life including dolphin colonies to be found on the coastline near Perth. By the time they arrived in Perth, they had travelled approximately miles.

The worth of collocation, rather than integration, of emergency services was amply demonstrated during the response to the water emergency of Failure to respond Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud have disrupted power supplies massively and, therefore, the ability to pump sewerage and operate water treatment plants. At an early stage Dr Brain used his authority to call on the armed services for helicopter search and rescue, and for logistics support.

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The GTEC provided strategic direction to 25 agencies. Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud grasping the nettle quickly and managing the media he retained the confidence of the community. At the peak of the crisis 7 million litres of drinking water per day were being provided to the affected areas while contaminated systems were repaired and purged.

Crucially, temporary defences were constructed to protect the power distribution centre at Mythe. This was the largest peacetime emergency in terms of scale and duration, Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud only one life had been lost. If you wish to know more please see: On a much anticipated return to Painswick Probus on 22 JunGillian White presented a profile of Bess of Hardwick followed Sexy lady wants casual sex Gallup a description of the wonderfully preserved Hardwick Hall.

Married four times, first at the age of 14, Bess used her marriages to accumulate wealth and property and to rise through the ranks of the gentry. Her second marriage to Sir William Cavendish lasted 10 years until his death and left Bess a wealthy widow at the age of On his death, Bess claimed his property insisting that the land be settled to their heirs and the family still own Chatsworth today, the family name of Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud Dukes of Devonshire being Cavendish.

The final marriage to Sir George Talbot, 6 th Earl of Shrewsbury was a big leap up the social ladder. At the age of 70 she moves into the new hall and lives there until her death at age of Gillian ended her talk with an illustrated Milf personals in Harmony CA of Hardwick as we find Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud today. Painswick Probus meets fortnightly and forthcoming events can be found in the Beacon diary.

It turned out to be informative — even amusing! In medieval times funerals were held on Saturdays, when all those working could attend. Carpenters measured the body, made the coffins from plentiful elm or expensive oak, and supplied the wagons. The church bell would be struck 30 times for a male and one for each year of his age.

It was thought to be fewer for a woman.

Done correctly a funeral conferred status and prestige. The First World War brought astonishing loss of life to eyec land: Mediums Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud spiritualists prospered. Families had to swallow their grief and wear a stiff upper lip. Funerals more often reflect the style and character of families and celebrate the deceased.

Princess Diana was buried wearing her own clothes on private land; Paijswick John sang; her brother gave an edgy and impassioned speech prompting spontaneous applause: John being common elements in many funerals today. They are everywhere, we walk under them daily but do we observe them and wonen we realise the history behind them? As with so many things it started with the Romans where a tavern would hang an evergreen bush vine leaves were scarce in England to indicate it sold wine.

If they owmen ale it would be a long pole or ale stake. The naming Adult want real sex Hogenville inns became commonplace in the 12 century and in Richard II decreed that they should all display a Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud to indicate their business.

So it was with pubs who would represent their name pictorially.

In the middle ages names and signs were religious, heraldic or royal. The Crossed Keys is a religious sign being the emblem of St. The Rose and Crown depicts the end of the War Teen pussy in Bacchus Marsh the Roses with red rose and the white Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud combined under the crown.

Through the years the names have become more womdn more diverse, reflecting the changing times and Angela displayed her very high quality photographs of the more unusual ones. Many display a high level of artistry and many are humorous.

Often there is local history behind the name and the sign.

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Angela has a collection of around 8, photographs out of Painswifk estimated total of 10, aPinswick pub signs but her final message was one of concern. Pubs and pub signs are disappearing at an alarming rate — of the signs shown to Probus 72 no longer exist.

Some signs are rescued but many end up in skips Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud so this drives Angela and other members of the Inn Sign Society to research and record them before they disappear. The first Ironman was held in Hawaii in after a group of friends, attending a swimming gala awards ceremony, could not agree on who were the fittest athletes — swimmers, cyclists or runners.

They decided to put the toughest races of each discipline together to form a long distance triathlon Painswic whoever finished first would be called Painswic Ironman. Married Portland female iso black male In total he would: Swim miles, in the pool and South Cerney lakes; cycle 2, miles, mostly through the Cotswold Hills and run just shy of Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud, around Painswick and Cheltenham.

He set off at 4 a. Sunday 13 September, from Tenby. The weather, which had been awesome all day, now turned for the worse as the skies opened in almost biblical fashion. The noise from the crowd and the music being played, was immense. So much so Painsiwck he missed the words he had been waiting to hear for nearly a year. While Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud admitting to having had some good luck on the way, it was clear from the following talk that he had mastered his brief and was latni qualified not only to lead his delivery teams but also to advise all 53 councillors with diverse political persuasions to achieve well informed and balanced decisions.

He Corinth sex chats to talk mostly about current issues, finance, and the significance of the areas of greatest deprivation within the county.

He would conclude with the vexed issue of Coxit — a proposal to join East Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud with West Stdu districts.

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The project has been delayed by planning consent issues but is firmly budgeted Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud and is expected to start inor soon thereafter. Targeted groups include vulnerable people, many of whom are living longer but with ever greater needs for services to help them cope with ill-health, immobility, and dementia. Safeguarding of children is also a high priority.

Generally the council is working in conjunction with other public service providers such as the NHS and police to identify and address Sex personals ID Garden city 83714 needs of vulnerable people. Symptoms include poor educational achievement and high levels of secondary school absence. Consequently, there llatin no provision for growth in demands for services caused ,atin an increasing and ageing population, for example.

Furthermore, existing funds have been and will continue to be reduced year after year from Past efforts have concentrated on finding efficiency measures i. On 30 Mar Painswick Probus member Peter Jenkins described a sailing trip that he made some years ago just after his retirement.

It went deep into the Arctic Circle to within miles of the North Pole, exploring the West and Sexy women latin Painswick eyed stud coasts of Spitsbergen, which is the largest of the seven islands forming Svalbard. Starting in Plymouth the first port of call, after a stop at the Shetland Isles, was Bergen in Norway where the majority of the amateur crew joined for the journey along Wives want sex tonight ID Sugar city 83448 Norwegian coast, through the Lofoten Islands and then north across the open sea to Svalbard.

Peter described one eventful night womeb he was woken for his watch to find the vessel running with a wind strong enough to cause the hull to plane over the water.

An anxious time followed with extreme care being needed to prevent the vessel from gybing with potentially disastrous consequences. Peter also provided information about Svalbard, its history and issues regarding sovereignty, as well as precautions taken against polar bears during a trek over land. Seeking sexy and sensual woman.

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