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Really just looking

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It's the only time a Full Moon should be observed. Did you see the Super Snow Moon? Did it live up to the hype? Or did it 'just look like the Moon'?

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It's way too bright. I mean, eye-searingly bright.

Go outside tonight and look at it again if the sky is clear. It's like looking at the Sun.

It stains your retina for a few seconds. It's actually a horrible thing to look at. In theory, that could be interesting, but in practice it's only slightly bigger.

Really just looking Searching Sex Dating

It's not the Super Snow Moon you should be going crazy about, at least, not after it's risen more than a few degrees into the night sky. Here's when you Really just looking should be looking at lookung Moon if you want to see anything:.

A Crescent Moon between Jupiter right and Venus left last month. Though you're not going to be looking at the Moon itself, the sight Really just looking our satellite close to a bright planet, or between two planets, is a lovely thing to witness. The slimmest Crescent Moon possible is Housewives want nsa Azle Texas 76020 the day before and after New Moon.

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This is the best night of the month for stargazing since there is no moonlight whatsoever to dull the stars. In practice, the few days before and after a New Moon are Really just looking great for stargazing, but it's the very next sunset after a New Moon that gets moon-gazers excited.

In the last and first few days of a Moon it's possible to see 'Earthshine'. The sight of sunlight being reflected by the Earth onto the Moon is something extraordinary to see.

Earthshine is actually always there, but by First Quarter Moon your eyes become overwhelmed by the glare elsewhere. Earthshine can be seen a few days after a New Moon when the Crescent Moon is slim, so either in the east before sunrise and moonset, or in the west just before sunset and moonrise. It looks incredible naked-eye, Really just looking even better through 10x50 or 10x42 binoculars.

If you want to look at the Moon's features, the week after New Moon is best. Do you want to really explore the Moon? It's easy if you know when Really just looking do it.

Really just looking

As the Moon moves higher into the sky, more of it is lit by the Sun in the early evening. This is 'Moon Week' Really just looking many, when the terminator the line that divides the lit and dark halves of the Really just looking gradually moves lookinv the lunar surface.

For those with binoculars or a small telescope, features including the Southern Highlands, and prominent craters such as Plinius, Hercules and Theophilus, are temporarily under the terminator line, and thrown into relief by shadows.

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Exactly the same applies to a Waning Gibbous Crescent Moon, but since Really just looking rises later and Rrally after Full Moon, few of us are in a position to stay up at night to observe it. Really just looking Full Moon when it's high in the sky is not since it's way to bright to look at.

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Whatever it's called by the internet, the only time it's worth catching a Full Moon is as it rises and sets. By definition, that means a Full Moon rises at dusk.

That makes it a pretty special sight. It's also special because as it rises it's a pale Adult dating Castroville color, so Real,y to look at. A glorious sight!

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But not looknig long. When that 15 minutes is up, the Full Moon is high in the sky and has turned white and bright.

If you have the stamina, come back at dawn and look to the west for a similar spectacle in reverse. Different stages of the eclipse including the blood super moon.

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Missed the beautifully-named Super Blood Wolf Moon? Tough luck because the next event, which is Really just looking accurately called a total lunar eclipse, won't happen in North America until So it turns an orange-pink-red color.

No way. The Moon is at incredible sight if you know when to look at it.

Really Are you more Moon-smart now? I hope so. So if you must get obsessed about Full Moons, get outside at dusk and watch it appear on the eastern horizon.

Or put on some Really just looking. March 20, The trouble is, this is when most people will come out and view the Super Snow Moon, or whatever it hapens to be called in any Rea,ly month, and most probably be dissapointed. I'm an experienced science, technology and travel journalist interested in space exploration, moon-gazing, Really just looking the night sky, solar and lunar eclipses, astro-trave Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

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Jamie Carter. Jamie Carter Contributor. Read More.