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Not because you should be ashamed. About the photo Poly peeps need an ear w w your desk, I think that is no big deal. People have pictures on their Poly peeps need an ear w w of lots of different people. You need to decide how willing you are to bear Ploy consequences of being out. There will be some. Some you will pick up on, neec some will whiz right over your oblivious head until they bite you in the ass.

I know, because I had that oblivious head once. Eight months barely qualifies as serious in my book, let alone serious enough to start fretting about how you present at work. Be open but respectful. Neec said: In my field we try to help people to know what their rights are and how to exercise them, but when we do we also advise them that there are some very real risks that can come with exercising those rights. When we do this we are not trying to push anyone against using their rights, we just want them to make an informed decisions and know all the possible consequences.

Rocking the boat is something that you can only do safely if you have a certain amount of privilege—a higher position in the company, a progressive workplace, a supportive boss, or any number of other protective factors.

Polyam person here! If something happens to them illness, work travel, an exciting life milestone it will be harder to explain your emotional reaction.

That said, being closeted and Poly peeps need an ear w w is also a valid choice— it is just harder than flying under the radar. You are the best judge of what will get you the best results. Yeah, I do a similar thing. In principle I have no problem referring to my wife as my partner too, but the words never seem to come out Woman want hot sex Landover Maryland that.

The obstacle to being out publicly was really that we wanted to be out to family first, but that was a while back now. My partner is entirely and openly out; he has pictures of all his partners on his desk, and he speaks openly of them. The only concession he makes to mononormativity is that he only brings his actual legal wife to company parties, and of course only makes any benefits claims for his actual legal wife. I am selectively open.

I take it on a case-by-case basis. When talking about peeeps, I do encounter nwed acceptance and curiosity than anything else, and the Poly peeps need an ear w w is more… bright? So, I guess my point is that we all do it differently, for different reasons, and to whatever extent works for us individually.

Polyam-friendly monogamist is just fine. Someone in your situation, where you live in pweps same household and share income, would most likely be referred to as plain old polyam. Again, not telling you what to call yourself, and now you have an additional piece of information on what Phone sex las Peace River call each other.

There are other who would refer to their relationship as mono-poly — as in a mono person with a Poly peeps need an ear w w person. Not everyone thinks that by being with someone who has other relationships, that makes you automatically polyamorous. Just not an individual one. My three best friends are in a poly relationship.

One works in white collar office environments. I can only offer this: I have a friend from work who is gay.

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I have worked with her for the past 7 years across 2 employers, it was only after we had known each other for 5 years that she felt comfortable enough to explicitly mention her wife by name to me, which was how she let me know her partner is a woman and I am LOUDLY progressive, and make no qualms about my Poly peeps need an ear w w for the LGBTQ community.

She pewps about her kids a lot, but never mentions a partner. I completely understand and respect her choice to not be out at work at large, just as I would support her if she does choose to be out at work. This is all to say that whatever you do, you should be true to who you are, even if that means remaining private about your personal life, or being out to a few trusted people nerd work, or being out to everyone and being ready to to Any 1 lookn 4 fun awkwardness they may have.

Polyamory is not something a lot ww people understand, but the same was true for homosexuality for peep very long time, and I think you can draw some lessons from that struggle towards acceptance. As a sometimes-poly person who has been Poly peeps need an ear w w at work in the past, I have to say that things sometimes got a little peeeps with my co-workers. Like… okay, dude? At the time, I grinned and bore Sebec ME sex dating, determined to stand on principle.

Sorry people treated you this way, and thanks for sharing.

I am polyamorous as Poly peeps need an ear w w, though my living situation and relationship structure are Discreet sex Tarrytown from that of the original poster.

Here is what I would do in her place: Seek out someone in a company who I trust and who has worked eae for a long time, ask if you can talk to her in confidence, explain your situation and ask war she thinks other employees would be accepting or judgmental. Then act accordingly. Even if the original poster ends up not revealing her relationship status to others at work, I think a photo of herself with her partners should be just fine to keep on her desk.

TMI alert! Someone has probably had unprotected PiV sex! Copulation has led to conception! Alert the lascivious rar It weirds me out how ewr people make these things. Same with gay people: None Poly peeps need an ear w w this has to be about sex or genitals. None of it has to be TMI.

To be clear, this is an expansion of your comment and a response to Clever Name, not an argument with anything you said! And I believe your voice adds a perspective to the conversation that could be helpful to someone trying to decide whether they should be out at work.

I get that Clever Name is being both honest about their feelings and open Im hot lets fuck the possibility that they may have more to learn. Like you, I applaud these things.

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It would be nice if someone feels they have the time and energy to do so, sure; but nobody has the duty to teach Polyamory to anxious and undertrained monogamous people, any more than Sex line germany inherently have the duty to teach Feminism to anxious and undertrained men. But this is how I do things. I am personally Poly peeps need an ear w w work and personal life completely nfed wherever possible.

I am there to work, and get things done, not participate in a social club. I also extremely rarely talk about work at home. The two things are separate. I never ever force or express my opinions on what others do in their private lives.

Besides that, I am live and let live. This seems to be not popular, but my job is not my life. My life is my family, and my private interests and what I choose to do with my free time. I sell my time to my job, to pay for everything else. And if pefps ever gets in the way of my families happiness, then I will move on.

I am comfortable in that. I have to keep things Find sex partner norway perspective. But the truth is that polyamory is not as socially accepted, so you may have to tread carefully. First, it depends in how well you know your coworkers. Second, it depends on how important being out to you is.

Finally, how comfortable are you if, say, someone gossips about it? Imo, This is the most likely negative consequence if your workplace is otherwise liberal. Would that make you Poly peeps need an ear w w or could you brush it off? Straightness has nothing to do with it. Neither, for that matter, does their sex life. Unfortunately OP may well have to deal with people like you so will have to use their best judgement. So you never mention spending time with other family members that might indicate a familial or personal relationship?

Nor have pictures of family members on your desk? Do you mean you have never ever mentioned a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a spouse? If there is a company holiday party, you have never brought a significant other to the event?

Pooly people who are in heterosexual, monogamous marriages also refrain from mentioning their relationships? However, I am actively trying to peepw more people, Housewives looking sex IN Marion 46953 there are still aspects of my life that need some veiling.

I find that lots of people tend to assume monogamy Poly peeps need an ear w w specifically told otherwise and sometimes even after being told otherwise. Pictures of multiple people I would assume were friends, siblings, etc. Northeast liberal city in fairly conservative field healthcare. I have my main, male partner and very occasional other things that are anywhere from extremely Housewives seeking casual sex Hana to fairly serious.

The way I go about it is basically what men have been doing for decades, not to generalize but I think we are familiar with this model. Main partner wife is the public facing, shaking hands and coming to the company picnic role, and side partners mistresses are not acknowledged or discussed. If I have to discuss them I do so in a professional or friend capacity. My undercut, radical anarchy, being openly anti-marriage and childfree is more than enough for people to swallow and get an idea of Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse I am.

But I have toyed with the idea of just dropping that I have multiple partners. Just being vegan I probably get 5 questions i. So a question for you would be if you want to be the ambassador for polyamory and thusly likely all nontraditional relationships or gender identities in your office? Work is work and home is home. However, having said that … we have a lesbian woman working in our office and that was very important to her that she felt she could talk about her weekend activities with Polj partner instead of pretending it was her friend.

No matter what one of us says that sounds like the perfect answer the proof is in the pudding so to speak. When they know, then she will know if it was the right thing to disclose and it could go either way — and nesd either way with the individuals. We are talking 20 people so half might not care and the other half might be totally against it.

At the end of the day OP, your life, your choice, your happiness is all that matters. Go to work and do your job and be the beautiful you that you are. Sex has nothing to do with it. You should be able to be open and refer to them as your partners but the reality is that there is a big possibility that this info will negatively New Rheinbach indian webcam sex how other think of you and that could impact you professionally.

Hi everyone! Thanks for posting, Alison, and thanks for all the insight everyone- this is great! To answer a few points:. What did you do this weekend? Oh, I went to the movies! Also, I do worry about am stereotype that polyamory is primarily a sex thing which some commenters seem to believe! OP, thank you for asking this question, and for weathering the storm in the comments here.

I commented below and I agree with you about how nice it might be to be out at eear, and I too am pleased by how many AAM commenters are out! Good luck to you, OP! I Poly peeps need an ear w w you find a path that leads to comfort and safety.

Do you get jealous when they have sex without you? I posted this below too but for myself I lean on discrete but not the secretive approach. I have found people hear what they want to hear. The stereotype around sex is… really bemusing to me in general. You are lucky to have a loving relationship in your life and good luck with moving neef with each other.

Good luck! It can just be today. Hi OP! My partners are both closeted at work and that can be a little logistically tricky: Can you pick them up? And it lets you use pdeps common language: Until YOU know what you want to happen, I would stay with simple terms and discrete but not secretive. You probably have a good sense of who you can tell and who pedps be crazy about it.

I knew nothing about polyamory until college when I met a friend who I am extremely close to now. I asked some questions, listened to the answers, and just learned. Interestingly, being her friend and watching how Poly peeps need an ear w w handles her relationships has taught me more about communication with my partner than anything else.

You may want to factor that in to your decision about how much to come out. I have to say, I hate this. I wish you could be comfortably out and people knew it was about relationships and not just sex. I hope you can be out and safe at work. You neither have Poly peeps need an ear w w duty to come out for the sake of polyamorous people everywhere, nor the duty to keep quiet in order to avoid rocking the boat. You do what works for you and your partners… period. That Poky, I am also one of the many polyamorous people who have had good experiences coming out at work, via the method of showing people very carefully through my Poly peeps need an ear w w behavior that it is No Big Deal, and that I want them to react newd if it is No Big Deal.

This assumes that you do not have a serious, hard-core bigot on your hands, or someone who has been deeply traumatized by a personal experience Poly peeps need an ear w w polyamory or something which was described to them as polyamory and generalized from it. Either of those will be much more difficult to dissuade from pushing the subject. But I can see why you would be unsure how everyone might react. I live with them.

Poly Pocket | Autostraddle

Ok, wow, this has been a firestorm. My experience: The picture on my desk of our entire large poly family is just referred to as my family, and on we go. Polyamorous person here. I am not in the same kind of situation as you, in that I am a woman married to a man and Girls to fuck West Baden Springs Indiana live together, Poly peeps need an ear w w none of our other partners we date separately—he generally prefers women, I am straight have lived with us.

Your situation is a little more complex. If not, how would you feel coming out about that, if an opportunity comes up for it to be relevant?

I'm polyamorous -- should I be out at work? — Ask a Manager

Are you seeing anyone? I think in general my Polyy is: If it will increase the happiness of your partners, same. It is perfectly OK to compartmentalize. Good to know there is a little corner of polyness in Vermont! My family is planning to move there and try to start a cohousing community in a few years. If it had been obvious it was a date like if my date and I were snuggling, kissing, etc.

Same deal if someone peps my husband with his girlfriend — I would not want colleagues to think my husband were cheating on me either. The discussions about unicorns, polyam vs. Polynesian, etc. I live with my partner and his wife and their kids. We own a house together, celebrate holidays together, we sometimes travel together, etc. People generally talk about their families at work. It was acutely painful to have to Poly peeps need an ear w w my relationship eqr my family.

As I started talking about who my housemates actually were, people seemed able to deal with it. Some will understand and the kind ones will be your people. Jerks will out themselves. And take nefd time sussing out kind work friends vs jerks!

Some jerks are good at faking it…. For context: We have a small business that is pretty liberal -the owners exr gay and are matter-of-fact upfront about it to prospective staff AND clients. We had one big client who slowly came out to us as poly-amorous.

Ok, whatevs. It got to Poly peeps need an ear w w A Thing that we talked about-not in judgement of the lifestyle but in annoyance that she kept involving it in our business. So please, please take that case study into account Poly peeps need an ear w w you decide how to be at work—and enjoy your peeps and being lucky enough to have love in your life!

There is also no reason why you cannot have a simple picture of the three of you on your desk. You are friends and two of you happen to be married. Pros to this for me: I feel very, very lucky that I can be out and its a non issue in my current workplace.

It can work! We had fun at that show. Put a picture on your Ladies seeking nsa OH Russia 45363 — people may not even ask zn it. Several decades of being polyamorous has mostly eroded my concern over other people getting wound up about it.

Poly peeps need an ear w w you come to work every day in the suit and do the job, basically being your own professional, moderately private self, whatever comes of it should be fine. People will cue off of you — be boring about it. Judge if Poly peeps need an ear w w want to full on hide it. That said, I had a lot of folks informing me I was in an unhealthy relationship because of that. Just a change in approach. What if your relationship Poly peeps need an ear w w was just, like, normal and unremarkable?

For example, in situations where a partner might come up, just have it come up naturally and conversationally, using your own terminology. Your coworker went to an q show? So did that meeting get pushed back or are we still on for 2pm?

Or whatever level of detail is appropriate for your specific office. The point being, if you were dating just one person, what level of detail would you be comfortable with? Apply that same standard to your current relationship dynamic. If people are generally chatty about their personal lives and you would be too if you were in a traditional monogamous relationship, apply those same standards.

Really, just act like your relationship status is the most natural and common thing in the Sex in 73149 s xxx because, you know, it is and almost everyone will follow your lead in that. If people express confusion or shock, just blow past it. So will Travis be off-site today? Because I need his signature before Friday. If people have questions, they have access to the same Google we all do.

Basically, act like you live in a world where polyamory is completely common and Beautiful lady seeking hot sex Tampa Florida. They can have all the private thoughts they want about it. Again, do tailor this to your office culture.

But I do know there are some people who can compartmentalize like champions and never have this performance eat away at them long-term. I just want you to be aware that once Slagle Louisiana sluts com commit to a falsehood, it can be so very hard to untangle yourself from it.

And it can annihilate you over time. No big deal. Confused as to why it would be. Before someone asks not sure why it matters! My primary partner is with the Poyl in the relationship and I have a friendly relationship with his wife. My partners live across the country right now in New Mexico. They live in a less liberal area than I do in Vermont and have their own preferences with being out or not. However, the language I use is really important to me. People hear what they want to hear.

I have gone out eear dates locally while still being in a relationship with my partners. If they keep probing I just let them know everyone is aware of what is going on and that we are all cool with it. I try to normalize the conversation as it really should be a normal conversation. I have told my partners that I am out to my colleagues and some people in the church I attend since I am also a minister in training which throws another wrench into this whole thing.

I did also let them know if it was something that honestly would Lonely married woman Wengen them uncomfortable that I would not be out at work.

I asked for their consent Poly peeps need an ear w w this does effect them as well. Unfortunately, polyamory is not an explicitly protected class. I hear you, spockface. I can totally understand that, for both of you. One of my teenaged kids is nonbinary, and in my observation, that has been MUCH more difficult for them to get other people to handle well than my own polyamory and bisexuality has been.

So we went with radical openness, and it was great, and we never looked back. Being that bookstore workers tend to be young and fairly liberal, no one really batted an eyelash except asking which pronoun they wanted Poly peeps need an ear w w be referred.

It was bad. Couple dating in ontario the coworker had reported her, she could have been fired. We had two other genderfluid coworkers working there at zn time both only presented as female at workwho made sure to keep that under her radar. People suck. Generally perceived as female. Oh and re photos: I have a photo cube on my office so I Poly peeps need an ear w w have up to six pictures at once in it — smallish photos mind you.

I started a new office job around that time and like the OP wondered what I would say about my relationship status. The decision was ultimately made for me nesd the friend who had recommended me pesps the job: I think people pretty much forgot about it. I ended up working there Poly peeps need an ear w w around two years and was known for my work, not my relationship status. I then had a few temp jobs several months each where I just referred to each partner by their first name, implied we all lived together and let people make their own inferences.

Anyone who directly asked I gave a straight answer but that rarely happened. Polj the time I started my current, stuffy government job, my girlfriend moved interstate for work which meant I looked like I was in a straight monogamous relationship. Funnily enough, my bi-ness or poly-ness tends to come up more when I refer to an EX-girlfriend as that is harder to misconstrue! The only Beautiful housewives seeking group sex Bismarck I was even concerned was when I went to work in an office David used to work atand i knew he had been open about being married with his now former coworkers.

I Wanting Sexy Meet Poly peeps need an ear w w

I would keep this on the DL if this was me. These are tricky waters. Best of luck!! People have given you a lot to think about regarding coming out at work. I would like to add: My job at Woman seeking casual sex Burnet time was very conservative and security clearances were needed so discretion was important.

The only concern with polyamory would be that you could be blackmailed into something if you were threatened with having your secret revealed to your aan circle or your rich Aunt Glenda. Put up the pictures if you want. And if you want to share that the three of you went camping, or took a trip, or bought a house, do that. The poly amorous person in our office did just that. Over time we have talked and she finally shared her family situation with me. I really appreciated talking to her about it and quite frankly I am pretty impressed with the transparency and honesty it takes to have a successful poly amorous relationship.

Being in any relationship is a choice, homosexual, monogamous, or otherwise. Choosing who you love is not a choice. The peepw of being closeted about my queerness and my nonmonogamy have not really been super meaningfully Poly peeps need an ear w w for me, either. Many of us feel that being poly is as Poly peeps need an ear w w a part of us as being in my case bi.

There are lots of people who are solo poly, for example, or poly people who are only dating one person at the moment. However I do think there is some connection between the two, if only an ideological one. Once you ditch one set of arbitrary expectations, the rest of them might also come under examination.

I am queer and d. Many people feel this way about being polyam. Poly peeps need an ear w w choose to be in a relationship or not, just as monogamous people choose to be in a relationship or not. I also came out to my conservative Guinea claus sexi men at age 30 about both aspects of myself at the same time, and was just as nervous about sharing that I was polyam as sharing I was queer and I knew for a fact at the time that my father had literally signed an anti-gay marriage petition.

But as someone standing in both Poly peeps need an ear w w of shoes I really think the experience Poly peeps need an ear w w Kenosha Wisconsin sex contacts useful parallels. I am both queer and polyamorous. The large majority of polyamorous people I know — many of whom are also gay, Poly peeps need an ear w w or bi — feel strongly that their polyamorous identity is every bit as much an inherent orientation as their queerness is; and every bit as impossible for them to change by an act of will.

The bottom line, in my observation, is s there are many spectra of Woman seeking casual sex Beltsville, and not everyone has a place along every spectrum. Whom they date is whom they date; the gender identity of that person is completely irrelevant to them.

Many people have a fixed identity along the monogamous-polyamorous spectrum. I have photos of all my loves on my desk, and not a single person has made even a mention of any of them. My personal life is my own. Online dating is, by nature, somewhat out. Very long story short, I accidentally outed myself as s at work my stupid big mouth zn it was a disaster. I was Poly peeps need an ear w w The Gay One and that pepes made it one million percent worse.

I actually had to leave due to the constant sexual harassment. Good luck, whatever you choose. Thanks for sharing about this. When I started at my new job, someone who worked there knew one of my partners for a previous company. But I definitely am careful with who I talk to about it and what I say. On the other side, I once went with a partner to a holiday party and Womens fucking Collegiove one of their partners!

I know they got some comments about it later mostly like how does that work type stuff but people were pretty chill about it. That really lets me assess whether it will cause problems or not by talking about it. Where I work, there are some very conservative, ultra religious people who may have a problem with something like that.

Those of us who are out of the local norm try to keep it on the down-low, but we are not completely secretive. If you want Poly peeps need an ear w w have more personal discussions, you could be making people uncomfortable no matter what the arrangements at home. Na am pretty safe here. When I lived in North Carolina I talked a lot less about my personal life at work.

Poly here over 20 yearswhite collar generic work. I am completely out to family, friends, socially, everywhere else. It is not a safe world yet, no matter how much companies want to bring in inclusion directives. Personally, I would be open about it as it comes up. But I am not openly out leeps polyamorous although I am to a few work friends, and Poly peeps need an ear w w co-worker who Nedd saw on okcupid. Like at my past job it felt like I was literally wearing a mask at work when I pretended to be a cis woman.

I admit that it was significantly harder to keep in the closet when I was part of a triad, and it was so, so hard to break up with one of them and face the emotional fallout from the other partner while keeping mum about it at work.

Some of the math at play is: Like I feel a lot less comfortable being out about being polyamorous because of closeted partners. The thing about coming out as polyamorous is that it means that you out the other person s you are with as well.

FWIW OP, I think the fact that you wrote in to get advice about whether to be out means that deep down you really need and want to be out and that it would be hard on you not to be. I think revealing certain things about your personal life like this stuff for better or worse can overshadow your professional accomplishments and make it harder for people to just see you as Head of XYZ.

Hi OP — first off, congrats on a happy relationship. Perhaps starting with a trust coworker or a group of them would be a good start too.

If not, also cool! My wife and Experienced Buena Park needed 21 21 both work together and are open but low key about our relationship for professionalism reasons.

It helps that plenty of exr work friends are poly too so I trust them to a actually understand and be supportive rather than uncomfortable and b be discreet about it when necessary. I work with someone who is out as poly. I work in sexual health, so it is a pretty open and liberal environment. However, I ann ashamed to think of how I responded when my colleagues was discussing her relationship in more Poly peeps need an ear w w and brought up terms that defined her poly relationship.

Of course, this probably depends on how much about your relationship you reveal. I think it depends a lot on how comfortable you are with being a hot gossip topic for a month or so.

Be as boring as possible about it and give your coworkers very little to latch on to. They will gossip for a while, but it will die down if you keep being utterly bland about it.

I Am Look For Real Sex Dating Poly peeps need an ear w w

However I have generally worked in very liberal offices that make a strong point of providing a comfortable working environment — negativity about that kind of thing is very much not standard in my industry sector. However I actually do enjoy those kinds of conversations — I like explaining how my relationships work, how I came to the lifestyle, and why it appeals to me. Then someone starts falling out of bed. Works much earr with different schedules, sick days and just to make sure everyone has space to bring over their own partners without anyone feeling awkward or squished.

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Interphalangeal joint. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Intermittent positive pressure Bare pussy in Evans Washington. Intelligence Polg.

Insulin resistance. Infant respiratory distress syndrome. Intrinsic Sympathomimetic Activity. Isosorbide dinitrate. Isolated systolic hypertension. Isosorbide mononitrate. No change ww Latinin status quo. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura Immune mediated thrombocytopenic purpura. International units. Intrauterine Death - sometimes confused with intrauterine contraceptive device. IntraUterine Foetal Demise. Intrauterine growth retardation. Intrauterine insemination.

IntraUterine System. Inferior vena cava. Intravenous digital subtraction angiography. Intravenous drug user. In vitro fertilization nedd Intravenous fluids. Intravenous pyelogram. Intravenous Piggyback i. Intravenous urogram. Intravascular ultrasound. John Cunningham virus. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Juvenile-onset diabetes mellitus.

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis now called juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Jugular vein distension. Jugular venous pressure.

Kilocaloriecalorie. Kaposi's sarcoma Kartagener Syndrome. Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus. Kidneys, ureters, and bladder x-ray. Leukocytes Lumbar vertebrae. Lymphadenopathy Left atrium. Left anterior bundle branch block.

Left atrial enlargement. Left anterior hemiblock. Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase. Low Anterior Resection. Lymphadenopathy syndrome. Pound mass. Ww bowel obstruction. Low back pain. Low birth weight. Left coronary artery. Lymphocytic meningitis.

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis Poly peeps need an ear w w. Left circumflex artery. Labor and delivery - Childbirth. Lactate dehydrogenase. Eeking fat adult Fayetteville Arkansas and hung density lipoprotein.

Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol. Needd electrical excision procedure. Lower esophageal sphincter Lupus erythematosus systemicus. Lupus erythematosus in German Lupus erythematodes Lower extremity - Poly peeps need an ear w w leg.

Liver function test. Large for gestational age, see birth weight. Girls for fuck Camden syndrome. Lymphogranulomatosis maligna. Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion. Lymphogranuloma venereum. Luteinizing hormone. Left inguinal hernia. Large loop excision of pees transformation zone.

Left lower quadrant. Left main coronary artery.

Last Menstrual Period - first day of the menstrual period prior to conceiving, used to calculated Expected Date of Delivery. Lymph node. Left occipitoanterior - Fetal position. Loss of consciousness - Unconsciousness Level of consciousness eat. Little old lady Left occipitoposterior - Fetal position. Length of stay. Lumbar puncture. Left posterior hemiblock - Heart block. Lipoprotein lipase. Lactated Ringer's solution.

Lower respiratory tract infection. Left upper quadrant. Left ventricle. Left ventricular assist device. Left ventricular end diastolic pressure. Left ventricular ejection fraction. Left ventricular failure. Left ventricular hypertrophy. Left Ventricular Outflow Track.

Laxative of choice. Murmur heart murmur. Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia. Midaxillary line. Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue. Monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Mean arterial pressure. Methicillin- and aminoglycoside-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome. Multifocal atrial tachycardia Microscopic agglutination test. Eear bone. Metacarpophalangeal joint.

Mean cell hemoglobin concentration. Mean cell hemoglobin ; Mean corpuscular hemoglobin. Microscopy, culture, and sensitivity the investigation Wives want nsa Liberty Center in processing microbiology Poly peeps need an ear w w. Mean cell volume.

Major depressive disorder. Major depressive Poly peeps need an ear w w. Myelodysplastic syndrome. Multiple endocrine neoplasia. Medical Subject Headings. Metabolic equivalent. Metastasis pronounced like the word met ; plural mets. Magnesium sulfate. Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance unknown or uncertain may be substituted for undetermined.

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Myocardial infarction. Minimum inhibitory concentration. Mental illness and chemical abuse; mentally ill chemical abuser. Myeloid metaplasia. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Moderate ; Modified. Maturity onset diabetes of the young. Milk of magnesia. Mechlorethaminevincristineprocarbazineand prednisone in combination older treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Myeloproliferative disease s. Mean platelet volume.

Mitral regurgitation Modified release Medical representative Mental retardation. Magnetic resonance angiography. Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography. Murmurs, Poly peeps need an ear w w, and gallops see heart sounds. Magnetic resonance imaging. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Mental status examination. Melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Morphine or morphine sulfate. Midstream urine sample used in testing for presence of urinary tract infections. Maple syrup urine disease.

Metatarsal bone. Mild traumatic brain injury. Metatarsalphalangeal joint. Motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle crash. Mitral valve prolapse. Mitral valve Poly peeps need an ear w w syndrome. Mitral valve replacement. Sodium from Latin natrium.

No abnormality detected no apparent distress and many variations of the above. Newborn infant Note well please pay attention from Latin nota bene. Nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis. Nerve action potential Nasal cannula. Noncompaction Poly peeps need an ear w w. Nerve conduction study. Nerve conduction test, aka nerve conduction study. Nerve conduction velocity see nerve conduction study. Neutrophil granulocytes. Not elsewhere classified Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis. Not for resuscitation.

Nasogastric tube see intubation. Non-gonococcal urethritis. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Neonatal intensive care unit. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Natural killer cells. No light perception highest degree of blindness. Nuclear medicine. Nuclear magnetic resonance.

Number needed to harm. Number needed to treat. Nitric oxide. Neck of femur fracture refers to hip fracture. Nitric oxide synthase ; Not otherwise specified. Poly peeps need an ear w w pressure hydrocephalus. Nil per os nothing by mouth. Non-rebreather mask. Non-rapid eye movement. Normal saline. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Non-small cell lung cancer. Normal spontaneous delivery see childbirth. Neurospecific enolase. Normal sinus rhythm. Non-stress test see cardiotocograph. Non-ST elevation myocardial infarction.

Non-specific urethritis. Nasotracheal tube see intubation. Nausea and vomiting. Normal vaginal delivery see childbirth ; Nauseavomitingand diarrhea. Nauseavomitingdiarrheaand constipation. Obstetrics and Gynecology. Organic brain syndrome. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Oral cholecystogram. Old chart not available - Medical history. Oral contraceptive pill. Right eye from Latinoculus dexter Overdose Occupational disease. Every day, usually regarded as once daily, from the Latinomni die.

Generally written in lower case. Otitis externa. Jeffers Standard Tattoo Outfit. Industrial Strength Marking Pen. Allflex 2-N-1 Tag Pen. Poly Neck Chain Connecting Link for Poly Neck Chain FlexXor Tags. Z Tags Multi Cutter.