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Law enforcement agents serve a valuable role in every community, and many of them conduct themselves with honor and integrity. Unfortunately (for honest officers and for you), some police officers, deputies, and agents choose to abuse the powers they’ve been given. The most frequent abuses include:

  • Warrant-less Entries and Searches;
  • Unlawful Detentions; and
  • Excessive Use of Force / Police Brutality.

The scope of the government’s police power tends to continuously expand unless and until citizens like you push back – not by engaging in physical altercations, but by holding government agents and agencies responsible for their abuses of authority and violations of your Constitutional rights. The process for holding them accountable is somewhat complex, and it often requires providing a specific type of notice to various local, county, and state entities within an extremely brief period of time (sometimes as little as 30 days after the event).

Don’t waste your time with attorneys who are concerned about the potential political and personal ramifications of demanding compensation from or filing a lawsuit against a law enforcement agency. A wise person once said that you can tell more about a man’s character by looking at his enemies than by looking at his friends. I have no interest in being friendly with abusive cops or with those who protect abusive cops.

When you hire me to address a violation of your Constitutional rights, I don’t pull punches. We submit FOIA requests for the information you need and, if the information we need is wrongfully withheld, I file a FOIA lawsuit to obtain the necessary documents. If I need to engage in more in-depth investigation (e.g., hiring a private investigator), then that’s what I do. If your claim requires filing a lawsuit and going to trial – whether in State or federal court – then that’s what I do.

In other words, you can rest assured that if something can be done to help you obtain a just result, it will be done.

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